Taking Care of Your Lawn Before and During Winter

Gardening stops in the winter months as an important part of its natural cycle. The grass will respond to lower temperatures and will stop growing as daylight hours decrease. Since plants save energy, lawn and garden care will also require less effort on your part. However, remember that when the grass rests, it cannot defend itself against stress and damage. That’s why the most important thing about winter lawn care is to let it rest in every way, including not walking on the grass, to avoid damage that will become visible when the grass grows back.

Getting the Lawn Ready

To get your lawn ready for winter break, be sure to finish your usual lawn care tasks before the first frost, which is usually in late October/early November. These tasks include picking up leaves, scarifying the lawn if necessary, making a final cut, and applying slow-decomposing nutrients for the … Read More

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Pankaj Chobharkar

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