3 Reasons To Recycle Your Old Computer

If you have an old computer sitting around at home, you’re not alone. Technology is improving so quickly that many Americans are finding themselves straddled with outdated electronics. In fact, the EPA estimates that about 40 million computers will need to be recycled in the coming years.

Although it may seem easier to simply throw old computers in the trash, computer recycling is a much better way to dispose of unwanted devices. From helping your community to saving the planet to ensuring data safety, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of recycling before tossing that laptop in the trash.

Recycling Can Benefit Your Community

recycled computer in decent condition can be refurbished and provided to law enforcement officials, underprivileged students, schools or libraries. In addition to these benefits, recycling centers provide valuable “green” jobs for people right in your community.

Recycling Can Help Preserve the Environment

Most electronics contain hazardous materials. When they start to decompose in landfills, those materials can spill into the environment and harm people and animals. In addition to the leeching, some batteries can explode and catch fire when exposed to the elements.

On the contrary, a recycled device can be disassembled and components may be reused in new machines. This prevents new parts from being created and stops the mining for new rare earth materials.

Recycling Can Ensure Data Safety

Think for a moment about how much personal information is stored on your laptop. You’ve probably paid bills, checked medical records and kept a list of addresses. What if all this information was available to a hacker who found your old laptop in a garbage pile? It could happen.

Proper device recycling ensures your data is destroyed. Some recycling centers will even provide a certificate of destruction to keep for your records.

Due to rapid technological advancements, there’s an abundance of old electronics just waiting to be replaced. Instead of tossing your old computer in the trash, consider the many benefits of recycling.