3 Steps To Help Winterize Your Home

No matter where you live, when winter sets in and the temperatures begin to fall, your home needs your help to winterize it. By following these three easy steps, you can make sure your home is better able to handle the frigid months ahead.

Make Sure Your Attic Isn’t a Problem

Your attic is essential to keeping the cold air out of your home and the hot air in. When the insulation is insufficient, problems such as ice dams can build up in your gutters and along the eaves of your home. Another problem often found in attics is nesting or burrowing pests such as mice, bats, and squirrels. You should go up into the attic to check both issues and look for any signs of mold or water damage while you are up there.

Look to the Chimney For Signs of Trouble

The outside of your chimney may look just fine, and you may be tempted to go one more year before calling a professional chimney service to give the whole thing a good cleaning – but that could be a huge mistake. Creosote and soot can build-up inside the flue, and if you start a hot fire on a cold night, you could end up with a chimney fire that could potentially burn your home to the ground. Be safe and get your chimney cleaned before winter sets in.

Identify Water Areas That Are a Challenge

You may have cleaned your gutters during the summer, but they probably need it again to remove any loose or foreign materials from clogging the system. While you are working on the gutters, make sure you check the downspout and move it away from your home. Also, check your sump pump and insulate any outdoor pipes or faucets that have a possibility of freezing. If you have a basement or attic with water pipes, make sure they are safeguarded from the winter cold, too.

Protect your home by following these three easy tips. You can then relax, knowing your home is safer.