4 Tips to Protect Your Home From Pests

Keeping bugs out of your home is an important part to keeping your house feeling safe and cozy. There are many things you should take into consideration to ensure your space is adequately protected. Take a glance at the list below to get a better understanding of how you can pest-proof your home.

Check for Damage

Go out of your way to check for any forms of damage that can allow bugs to sneak in. In addition to keeping your house safe from bugs, finding and repairing cracks and leaks can keep your home better insulated and protected from weather damage over time. Check your doors, windows and walls. You will also want to determine if your house foundation possibly needs repairs by being mindful of uneven floors, gaps around doors and windows and excess moisture in crawl spaces.

Remove Trash and Debris

Be mindful of trash and debris that can gather both inside and outside of your home. Empty your trash cans as soon as they are full. If you have excess food or waste that may attract insects, empty your trash sooner rather than later. You will also want to remove excess outdoor debris that may be gathering that can act as a shelter for pests. Get rid of piles of leaves and cut back overgrown foliage. Try to prevent debris from gathering around the exterior foundation of your home.

Install Screens

Put screens in your windows so that you can have your windows open without letting bugs inside. You may also want to install screen doors. Regularly check your screens for damage after they have been installed.

Secure Food

Use airtight storage containers for food. This will help prevent bugs from locating and getting into your food, especially dry goods items you keep in your pantry and kitchen cabinets.

By using the tips listed above, you can keep your home free from pests.