Amount of Alimony Often Becomes a Problem in the Divorce Process

The law clearly stipulates that in the case of child support, the father is the main responsibility. However, it cannot be denied that the Marriage Law, which is a positive law for marriage and divorce in Indonesia, does not specify how many children support the father should pay. How do courts determine alimony in Oklahoma? The issue of the amount of the allowance is often a problem in the negotiation process. Because it is closely related to their respective conditions. Lack of awareness to claim their rights often means that single mothers have to struggle alone to make a living for their children. Meanwhile, fathers can walk away and forget their responsibilities, especially when they have a new family.

Hoping On Child Support

As an ex-wife, you are entitled to receive child support. Overseas, there is even an ex-wife allowance, known as Alimony, while the child support is called child support. Abroad, the ex-wife allowance will automatically stop when the ex-wife remarries another person, while the child support continues until the child is aged 18 years.

Hoping to Get Home

You don’t necessarily get your rights to the house, especially if the house is still in installments. It could be that you even have to pay installments like point number 1 above. Or some couples say that the house will be given but to the child as an allowance and inheritance, then you can only live in the house without having the power to sell it. Meanwhile, for your monthly life, you will not get child support anymore because it has been calculated from the house given.

Family Insurance

You women may forget when yesterday with the status of being married to your husband who works, all your needs related to health, illness, and so on will be covered by insurance from the office where your husband works. Like it or not, like it or not you have to prepare your own insurance for yourself and your children when you separate from your ex-husband. You can get this insurance from the new office where you work.

Divorce Fees

Even though the rules have been determined that the divorce fee is religious both in the religious court and in the state court, you also have to prepare for other costs, especially if you use the services of a legal consultant. There is no benchmark for the amount of these costs, so it’s a bit difficult to predict. That is why you have to ask a lot of legal consultants and do a comparison of costs with the services provided. Don’t let you be in trouble getting more difficult with these other expensive costs.

New Cost of Living Adjustments

You used to live well when you were married before. When you get divorced, conditions change and you can be sure that financially will also change. You and your child must be prepared to lower your lifestyle and adjust to your new financial condition. You and your children must also be ready to adjust to a new lifestyle. One way is to return to live with your parents so that some costs can be saved or shared. You can also consider whether to move your child’s school. Other unnecessary and unimportant costs should also be stopped.