Don’t Forget These Things When You Move

Moving to a new home can be a tumultuous time, and your thoughts may be as scattered as your belongings. From the moment you decided to move until you close the door for the last time, there are so many things to do that it is normal to forget to mark a few off items on the never ending ‘to do’ list. To help you stay on top of things, here are the five topics most people admit they have forgotten.

1. Prescriptions

If your pharmacy isn’t part of a national chain, you will need to begin researching where you can find the best prices on your medicines in the new neighborhood. You will also need to contact your current pharmacy to cancel any automatic refills.

2. Dry Cleaning

In all the hurry and scurry, it is easy to forget the dry cleaning you may have dropped off weeks before your big move. If your new home is hours away from your old home, that can become a problem. Have one of your friends pick the clothes up for you and use it as an excuse to visit.

3. Locks

Just because you are in a new place doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have the old keys. Before you move your stuff into the new place, contact a residential locksmith Orlando and get the locks changed.

4. Announcement

Don’t forget to send an announcement to family and friends that may not see you often or read about your adventures on social media. You don’t want to miss their Christmas cards.

5. Day Care

Before the chaotic stress of the move overwhelms you, make sure you know where you are going to be sending your young children for day care or preschool. You may even send them off to play for a couple of hours so you can unpack.

It is easy to forget a few things in the chaos of moving. Now you will remember what most people overlook, so what will you forget to do?