Hot and Cold Spots in Your Workspace? Make Your Building Comfortable for All

Are certain offices in your building always cold? Or maybe team complain it’s too stuffy to concentrate in others? These aren’t quirks they should put up with. If your HVAC system works correctly, your building’s temperature will be regulated to make sure each area gets the right amount of cooling or heating air: a process called air balancing. Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance checks with commercial hvac contractors Minneapolis MN is the best way to ensure your HVAC systems work efficiently, but here are three things you can do to promote a comfortable workplace in-between visits.

Make Sure Your Vents Are Uncovered

Has some well-meaning person placed a filing cabinet over an air vent? While the office may look tidier for it, your HVAC system won’t appreciate it. Blocking a vent not only restricts air from reaching parts of your building but also can unbalance other areas too. Make sure everyone knows where the vents are and to keep them clear.

Zone Your Workplace

Multi-zone heating and cooling is the smart way to control temperatures in a large space. Multiple thermostats control “zones” within the space rather than one thermostat managing all. It’s especially useful in an office space as it means teams can adjust according to their needs. For example, an area populated by a lot of people may need cooler airflow than an area with just one or two people working within.

Replace Air Filters

Replacing your filters is essential for a long-running heating and cooling system. Dirty or blocked filters prevent air from passing through your HVAC unit. Prevent your system from overheating and keep it running optimally by changing your filters as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Even if you think an HVAC issue is straightforward enough to fix, always get a qualified HVAC professional to take a look. They’ll be able to spot any underlying causes for concern and ensure that no further harm inadvertently comes to it.