How to Fix Leaking Pipes?

Leaking pipes can cause a lot of damage if it’s not fixed properly or not fixed at all. For some bigger issues, you should hire a professional to do it but for smaller, you could probably learn on the internet how to do it. There are many great tutorials that will give you all the information in detail. If you are not sure you are able then better let someone else so you won’t break something else.

Before you even start fixing it you need to know where the source of the problem is. There are many leak detection Houston companies that can do that for you because sometimes it can be in the walls and not that easily accessible and of course they can fix the problem if the price is right. When you figure out there is a problem better fix it immediately so your water bill won’t big large.

Finding the Problem

There are many possibilities where the issue can occur so you should start from the beginning which is the main valve. If you don’t notice it right away, any hissing sound is a great clue that there is a leak. Toilet leaks can be really problematic because it could be hard to access the problem in which case you would need to call a plumber.

The biggest problem could be outside of the house on the line going to your home. In that case, always call a company for help because you don’t want to make a bigger mess or potentially make a problem to your neighbors if something goes wrong. You should start looking for these leaks when you notice that your bill is higher. Even the swimming pool can cost you a lot of it has a leak.

Equipment You Will Need

You will need certain equipment to fix the issue and what you will need depends on the problem. The first thing you will need is a wrench if you can’t shut off the water by hand. Always remember to shut off the main valve and run the water on the faucet if there is the problem so you can be sure there is nothing inside.

A towel or something to clean the pipe will be needed so you can detect the leak easier. If you still have a problem then placing a mixture of water and soap will help by placing it on the pipe where it will form bubbles on the leaking point. The leak can be also covered with rubber if you have it at home and taped over. The better option would be if you have a clamp so it can be more secure. After you did that, make sure after an hour that everything works great. For the tape always use water resistant type so it will last longer.

Replacing Copper Pipe

The first thing you need to do when you find a puncture in the copper pipe is to cut one inch from both sides of the rupture. The repair sleeve is a part of the pipe that you will place at the one you pulled out. It needs to be a little bit smaller so it will fit inside the main one. Clean it before you place it inside. It also needs to be one inch longer than the one you cut out.

Make sure that there isn’t any pressure so you will be able to solder it. Many people don’t have soldering gear at home so you might ask someone to help you. When soldering is finished let the water run for a couple of minutes then you can use it.

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Repairing PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are easier to work with than copper because they aren’t so hard. You will be able to cut them easily and the parts you will need are easier to find. The best thing would be if you could replace the whole pipe not only the place where the leak is. When you cut it out you can use solvent cement to place a new part. It’s used to bind this material together and it can be found in any PVC store. Again you should let the water run for 5 to 10 minutes before using it.