Making a Home Comfortable and Safe for the Elderly

For parents who are elderly, simple daily activities can be very difficult and uncomfortable. This is because of physical limitations due to old age no longer allow them to move freely.

But by making a few simple modifications to certain parts of the house, you can make parents live their lives more safely and comfortably.

Here are some things that must be considered in designing a house according to universal design. What is meant by universal design is an interior arrangement which allows all people – including those who have physical limitations – to be able to access the facilities in the house.

By following this design, the elderly can more easily undergo various activities.

Safe Stairs

If your house has more than one floor, don’t forget to pay extra attention to the stairs. To make it easier for elderly parents, it’s a good idea to have a house ladder on both sides. Even if it can’t be on both sides, at least this grip must not be absent. You can make a ladder with a design that is both free and safe for the elderly on the Freedom Stairlifts of Long Island

In addition to the handrail, house stairs must also be equipped with good lighting. Make sure light from end to end is sufficient. It would also be better if the edges of the steps are made clear so that it is easier for parents to take steps. For example, by giving an accent line to the edges of each of these steps.

Easy to hold

You may rarely pay attention to small parts of the house, such as door handles. Even though this small part can be difficult for parents because of the strength of their already weakened grip. Especially for the elderly who suffer from arthritis. Lever-shaped door handles are the best choice for them.

Likewise the water tap. A tap with a lever-shaped opening will make it easier than a round shape.

Comfortable and Safe Floors

The floor should use a material that is rough and not slippery to prevent the elderly from slipping and falling. Especially for the bathroom. Slippery ceramics will be very dangerous and can cause fatal accidents.

In addition, minimize room boundaries that can cause older people to stumble. Houses with the same floor level throughout the room will certainly be very helpful for parents.

Sufficient lighting

Not only the stairs but all the rooms in the house should also have sufficient lighting. In this way, the occupants of the house will avoid being hit or fall. Don’t forget to provide lighting in the corridor.

Good Bathroom

The bathroom may be the most “dangerous” place for the elderly. Although the floor has been coated with a textured material that reduces slippery, the possibility to slip and fall remains large. Therefore, it is better to install a handle, especially near the toilet, shower, and soaking tub