Making Ethanol

Gasoline is a vital part of our everyday lives. To help reduce pollution to our planet, many people have switched to filling their cars with ethanol. From formulating the product in the lab to transporting it to storage tanks through rubber lined pipes, here are the steps to making this type of fuel.

Mixing It Up

To start making ethanol, sugar and very hot water needs to be added together until the sugar dissolves. You will then add yeast to that mixture and blend it well. Cover the solution lightly to let carbon dioxide leave the container.

Chemical Combination

Let this mixture sit over a week so it can ferment. The yeast devours the sugar and it leaves alcohol when it is done. You will know when it is done when the carbon dioxide no longer causes it to bubble. It the remnant is lying still, you can proceed to the next step.

Clean It Up

Filter the final solution to get rid of any debris or pests that might have gotten in. You will also want to clean out any extra yeast that was left behind. Purchase or build a distill to purify the ethanol from the remnant of yeast and water. You will then pour the fuel through a special filter to purge the very last water out of it leaving only the ethanol.

Fill It Up

To put the final product in your tank, you need to find a rubber hose to fill your car. You also need to inspect your vehicle and see if the engine can handle only ethanol. Mixing it with regular gasoline can help with this. This fuel is corrosive and will eat through metal and plastic so avoid having them in your fuel system or anywhere you are storing and transporting the ethanol.