The benefits from a solar air cooler from Vankool

The dry season has arrived? Sunlight can be used as an alternative or renewable energy source. For example, converting sunlight into electrical energy using a solar panel system.

That is what several vendors of air cooler manufacturers have done to develop “Air Conditioning Systems with Solar Energy. Developers create air conditioners by utilizing sunlight as an alternative energy source to save electricity and be environmentally friendly.

This solar energy has enormous energy potential to be utilized both for electrical energy systems, heating and drying systems and air conditioning systems.

Materials and equipment used for air conditioning systems with solar energy are divided into the needs of construction design and cooling system operation. For the construction of the cooling system, each requires 50 Wp solar panels and other equipment.

The working principle of this air conditioner, the first is that solar panels extract heat energy on the back surface of the module. Then the heat energy that has been collected in the extraction box will be used to heat the water passing through the copper pipe installed in the extraction box. The hot water obtained then flows into the heating tank so that it heats the liquid refrigerant and makes this coolant evaporate.

The evaporated refrigerant will then be sucked into the cooling tank, then the refrigerant cooling tank will decrease in temperature and undergo a condensation process. The temperature reduction that occurs in the cooling tank will be used to cool the water that is flowed from the cooling tank into the room.

In the room the evaporator is used to accommodate the cold air in the flowing water and then exhaled into the room, causing the room to experience a decrease in temperature. The cycle will continue to work continuously to make the temperature of the air in the room cooler.

The advantages of this tool compared to the conventional air conditioner are;

 in this tool the solar panel extracts solar thermal energy through its lower surface to heat the cooling liquid (refrigerant), then at the same time the circulation of hot and cold air and the performance of the compressor and controller get the electrical power supply from the energy output of the solar panel.

The process of this tool clearly saves electricity and is environmentally friendly compared to conventional air conditioners whose electrical energy consumes very high electrical energy, especially reactive power consumption to drive air compressor motors and electrical energy to heat the liquid cooling fluid in the AC system, While the shortcomings of this tool can be seen in reduction in room temperature as a result of the performance of this tool has not been maximized although room temperature comfort can be obtained. This is because we have not yet increased the compressor performance pressure because this certainly requires greater energy while the source of electrical energy that we use still comes from solar panel energy output.

It needs to be thought to design a compressor with high compressive power but with low electric power consumption. In this case, the role of power electronics technology will greatly help to realize the desired compressor performance.

Although the widespread use of this tool has not yet been seen because the stages obtained are still in the prototype stage. However, better quality components such as compressors and coolants are needed to support the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of these coolers while continuing to explore more comprehensive thermodynamics.

A lower temperature drop is certainly very much needed, which is certainly supported by the high performance of the compressor and the quality of the coolant because the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy-based energy in refrigeration is certainly very much expected in the future.

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In the journal Nature Energy, there is an article that publishes a study of tools to replace the Air Conditioner or A.C.

The research was conducted at the Packard Electrical Engineering Building at Stanford University and was designed by an electrical engineering professor.

So far we only know air conditioners and fans as air conditioners. But as we all know these two devices require electrical energy to run it. And because it requires electricity costs as well.

And although nowadays many air conditioners are found using low electric power, the total cost that must be spent is not cheap.

At present, the research is still ongoing, where it is planned that in the future it will be mass-produced and sold to the market. While waiting, we also have a way to save on electricity costs that are used to meet electricity needs for our air conditioners. And that way is to use solar panels or solar panels.

By using solar panels, we get free electricity sourced from sunlight. The electricity will then be stored in batteries which we can then use for our various electronic equipment needs including air conditioners.

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