Tips for Evaluating Your Home for Solar Panels

You may be considering purchasing and installing solar panels or solar shingles New Jersey to reduce your monthly energy costs and carbon footprint. However, before you set up your installation, you need to determine whether your home is a good candidate for a solar system.

Roof Age

Your roof’s age will determine your initial installation cost. If your roof is damaged or will need to be replaced in the next few years, it is more cost effective to replace it before installing solar panels.

If you plan to install solar shingles, an older roof may be a benefit because the solar shingles will replace your roofing. However, if you have a new roof, replacing it with solar shingles may be costly.

Roof Structure

Your roof has a specific amount of weight it can hold safely. This is the load. If you live in an area that gets snow, your home or building is typically snow load rated. This rating is based on the amount of weight your roof can hold before it begins to collapse. Solar panels are not lightweight, but solar shingles are. If you choose to install solar panels, you may have to make structural changes to your roof to hold the added weight. However, you shouldn’t have to change your roof’s structure if you plan to install solar shingles because they weigh no more than traditional asphalt shingles.

Roof Shade

Your roof should be open to the sun’s rays. This means that it is not surrounded by taller buildings and is not shaded by trees. However, you should also look for future possible shade. For example, you or your neighbors may have trees that are not fully grown but that may shade your roof in the future.

Roof Position

Your roof slope should face south. However, you need a significant portion of your roof available to receive panels, so obstructions, such as dormers, may affect the amount of power you can generate. However, if you install solar shingles, you can produce solar power from areas where panels could not be installed.

Whether you want to install solar panels or shingles, consider working with a reputable installation company.