Types and Benefits of sukabumi green natural stone for pool decoration

The use of natural stone for pool decoration is a way to make a swimming pool look more natural. Natural stone is somewhat unique and can provide a different atmosphere if applied to a building. In addition to the swimming pool, natural stone is also commonly used for the walls of houses and other buildings. Those who like elegant buildings with a modern impression would prefer to use natural stone as material to decorate and renovate. There are many types of natural stone for swimming pool decoration such as marble stone, temple stone, white andesite stone, black andesite stone, Sukabumi green natural stone and others that you can get at Green Sukabumi Stone Supplier

Nowadays, many people have applied the use of natural stone for their private swimming pools. There’s even a public swimming pool that wants to give visitors a natural feel using natural stone decorations. In general, swimming pools are built using ceramic/mosaic materials for swimming pool floors and walls. This is not because the ceramic material is somewhat cheaper compared to the price of expensive natural stone. When you want to use natural stone to decorate a swimming pool, you must pay attention to care. Natural stone must be brushed periodically. If not, moss will easily appear and you can get it at Stone Depot

On the other hand, the use of natural stone can be a natural material to make swimming pool water clear. Also, the selection of types of natural stone for pool decoration is very important to know. There are two types of natural stone for pool decoration. The first type of stone is used for the inner side of the pool and the stone for the outer side of the pool.

To the outside of the pool, you can choose a stone that has a character not quickly overgrown with moss as well as having a character that is strong enough. for example, such as andesite and temple stones. While for the inside of a swimming pool, you can choose stones that can clear water such as the famous internationally known Green Sukabumi stone in five-star hotels, better known as Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai

3 Benefits of Natural Stones for Swimming Pool Decoration

Many benefits can be obtained by using natural stones for pool decoration. Everyone will want a swimming pool that is beautiful and comfortable when used.

That is why you need to do decoration and renovation to make the swimming pool look beautiful and not boring. Many ways you can do to beautify a swimming pool such as by making a garden, with replacement materials used, and others.

Then, what are the benefits of natural stone in decorating a swimming pool?

1. Give a Natural Impression to the Swimming Pool

Who does not want to have a swimming pool with a natural concept? Many people who want the concept of a swimming pool that is natural. The right way is to use natural stone for pool decoration.

As explained above that several types of natural stone are commonly used to decorate swimming pools. You can find the right natural stones and by the benefits so that the natural impression you want can be obtained.

Apply to walls and floors in swimming pools to give a clean and clear feel of the pool.

2. Swimming Pool Floor Is Not Slippery When Treated

The floor around the swimming pool will usually be slippery when stepped on if using a ceramic floor. After doing swimming activities and want to rise for a while to rest for a while, then you have to pass the floor around the pool. Well, because the feet after swimming wet, you may feel slippery when passing through the ceramic floor.

So, this is where the benefits of natural stone for pool decoration. You can use brightly colored natural stone with a rough texture to the floor around the pool.

Thus, the floor around the swimming pool is no longer slippery when stepped on. Bright colors like natural white will give a bright impression on your swimming pool area.

3. Providing cool air in the area around the pool

Swimming pools usually have hot weather, especially for outdoor swimming pools. Everyone who relaxes in a swimming pool would want to get comfort and coolness by swimming in clear water while releasing fatigue.

For those of you who live in big cities with hot weather, you can take advantage of the use of natural stone for pool decoration. In addition to giving a natural impression on swimming pools, the natural bat can absorb hot air.

Thus, the air around the pool becomes cooler and more comfortable to relax. That is why the use of natural stone is more often used in big cities.