5 Advantages of Using Tile Carpet

5 Advantages of Using Tile Carpet
5 Advantages of Using Tile Carpet

Tile carpets are carpets that have similarities in function with metered carpets. This carpet is widely used for various rooms. Starting from offices, apartments, hotels, houses/residences, and so on. This rug can be used for almost any type of floor or room.

Warmth and comfort are always an advantage of using a carpet of good quality. If you are thinking of installing carpet as a floor covering to keep your home and room comfortable, you have chosen the right way. In the cold season, sometimes even getting out of bed becomes very difficult, especially to step onto the cold tiled floor. If you really want to avoid this, installing carpet as upholstery can be an option.

Here are the advantages of using carpet tiles:

Easy to replace and clean

One of the differences between roll carpet and tile carpet is its size, where the average size of tile carpet is similar to tile material in general, Tile carpet consists of 3 kinds of sizes, namely 250 x 750 / 500 x 500 / 250 x 1000. In addition, Tile carpets have easier maintenance than roll carpets and are easy to replace, for example, if we accidentally spill something on the carpet and leave a stain, just replace the stained area.

Easy to Create

Tile carpet gives more freedom in the design of a room. Tile carpets have a variety of colors and textures so they are easy to combine according to our creativity, for example, if we only want to use one color? No problem or do we want to combine one color with another color with a variety of textures? Obviously no problem. The following are examples of ideas that you can apply if you use carpet tiles for your workspace at home.

Easy installation

Compared to ordinary carpets, using carpet tiles can help you save time on carpet installation. The square shape is easy to adjust to the shape of the room. What’s more, the size is easy to adjust to the gap or shape of the floor. You don’t need to bother buying in large metered parties, just calculate per floor with the required carpet tile size.

Comfort and warmth

Carpet floors will provide a soft feel, and you can walk in a carpet-floored room barefoot. In the cold season, the carpet will also feel warmer than ceramic.


Tile carpets have average durability of “between 14 years – 17 years, compared to roll carpets which have average durability of only 7 years – 10 years. Please visit this site if you are looking for information about lifestyle society vegetarianorganiclife