Basement Renovation Ideas for Innovative Spaces

Basement Renovation Ideas for Innovative Spaces

Basement Ideas- The basement is one of the spaces that do not exist in the house. Even if there is, this area is usually hidden from view.

For those of you who have a basement in your house, you can use it for various activities. Renovate this area to get the best results.

Cover the shortcomings, one of which is the minimal lighting. You can add lighting and do various other renovations so that you can use the basement area according to your and your family’s needs.

Here are ideas to remodel the basement area so you can use it for your needs and your family.

Here are 7 renovation ideas.

Laundry Room

The first renovation basement idea was to make the basement a laundry room. You can make a laundry room in the basement area if you don’t want this laundry room to be in the house area so guests can see it when visiting the house.

The advantage is that the sound of the washing machine while washing will not disturb the occupants of the house.

The trick is simply to place the washing machine, laundry basket, and various other equipment in the basement. You can also add a rug or a small chair and table that you can use when washing clothes in this laundry room.


If you have a problem with limited space at home but want to make a playroom for your family, you can take advantage of the basement.

You can use the basement for a playroom, to relax and familiarize family members. You can design the basement area with decorations that are as comfortable as possible.

Add carpet, sofa, and television in the basement. In addition, you can also add some playing equipment such as table tennis, billiards, and others.

Or if for children, you can add various kinds of games that can develop their creativity.


If you and your family like to read and have a fairly large collection of books, you can use the basement as a reading room.

As a reading room, you have to make the basement as comfortable as possible.
In addition to lighting, of course, you need furniture and other accessories.

You can add a sofa, reading lamp, pillow, or carpet that can make you more comfortable when reading.
In addition, to make the room more fresh and comfortable, you can place trees that are suitable for indoor areas in the basement.

Viewing Room

If you and your family like watching movies, you can also make the basement a viewing room.
With minimal lighting, this is considered very suitable.

Place several sofas or sofabeds and a home theater in the basement.
Of course, your viewing activities will also be more focused because you will not be disturbed by the various activities of other family members in the house.

With minimal lighting, your viewing activities will be like watching in a cinema, right.


If you like to exercise, renovating the basement area into a gym room is the right decision.
The sports room which is located separately from other areas allows you to exercise more relaxed in this basement area.

Design this exercise room with a variety of sports equipment that you really need.

Also complete with a carpet or mattress and a television that you can use to watch videos of gymnastics or other sports movements.


The mini bar at home is one of the complements in the house.
In this room, you can invite some close friends for a small party without disturbing other activities in other rooms in the house.

In addition, you can store various types of wine that you collect.

Having a party with your friends and colleagues will also not disturb other residents or even neighbors.


The workspace in the house should be made in a comfortable place and away from the distraction of children.
If you have a basement, you can use it as a workspace.

Place work desks and chairs and various other electronic equipment.
You can also store books and files in this room to support your work activities.

Those are 7 renovation ideas that you can do with the basement in your home.