Benefits of attic insulation

The reason for attic insulation is to minimize the heat transfer coefficient by using thermal insulators. Attic insulation in houses or buildings is a crucial factor in achieving thermal comfort for the occupants. The insulation minimizes unwanted heat gain and unwanted heat loss, thereby significantly reducing the energy demands of cooling and heating systems. 

Saves you money

Residential cooling and heating account for 60 percent of the energy requirements in a modest American home. If your house is under-insulated or uninsulated, you will require more energy to cool or heat it. 

Enhances the comfort of your home 

A home that isn’t insulated or is under-insulated is vulnerable to temperature from outside. Thermal energy flows from high-temperature regions to low-temperature regions. Rooms on the upper floors are more vulnerable to outside temperatures. Insulation of the attic space is ideal for making these rooms remain temperate during the night and early morning.

Protects the environment 

For environmentally-conscious people, air sealing and insulating the attic is one of the most energy-saving projects in your home. This means that your home will need less energy, so power generating plants will not require much energy, minimizing pollution caused by the power generating plants. 

Indoor air quality 

The quality of air quality in your home is critical. Outdoor pollutants can get into your home via air leaks due to under-insulated attic spaces and poor air sealing. Insulating the attic space prevents contaminants from getting into your house, allowing you to breathe cleaner air. Moreover, carrying out new insulation may remove pollutants that might have infested the current insulation. 

Protects the structure of your home 

Insulating the attic space of your house can prevent it from physical damage. The insulation prevents moisture from seeping and eroding the framing and walls. During the winter, heat in the attic may cause the snow on the roof to melt, leading to ice dams. These dams can cause severe damage to the home, more so the roof.