Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Removal

Over the lifetime of the carpet, you may notice the signs on it which take away the beauty of your house or business place. Whenever you discuss the matter with anyone, some suggest professional cleaning but others advise to get rid of worn-out carpet by carpet removal service and go for a new one to enhance your surroundings.

It’s not an easy decision because where carpet removal and then new installments costs too much, professional cleaning also has some hazardous effects. Let’s discuss both concepts separately and their benefits and drawbacks.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the process of removing dirt, stains, and allergens through different methods. Professional cleaning services eliminate years of dust from the carpet to give it a new look. Having efficient types of equipment, the expert team won’t let you know that you are standing on the old carpet or a new one.

Some routinely used methods include hot water extraction, vacuuming, carpet shampooing, bonnet cleaning, encapsulation, and dry cleaning.

Some are explained below:-

Hot water extraction 

This method is also known as steam carpet cleaning as it uses high pressure hot water to dissolve dirt. Then, it involves agitation with the brush and followed by rinsing. Finally, wash the carpet with cleaning equipment and leave it to dry.


This method uses synthetic detergents which crystallise into powder when it dries. Dirt particles in carpet fibre get encapsulated into powder. Finally, you need to vacuum or brush. This technique uses less water which means less time to dry out.


  • Enhances the appearance of the room
  • Eliminates stains
  • Reduces dirt, bacteria, and traffic lane effects 


  • Steam cleaning leaves carpet sopping wet which damage it after some time with the growth of mold and mildew
  • The only top third of the fibre gets cleaned  and it can’t reach deeper

Carpet Removal

The condition of the carpet depends on its maintenance and quality. But if your carpet has started causing the stinky smell in the room, is full of stains, or you have passed 7 to 10 years with it, immediately decide on carpet removal before it starts creating an unhealthy environment for you. You can either rip off your carpet by yourself or call to the professional services.

To do it by yourself, you need proper guidance and tips.


  1. Pull up the carpet from one corner
  2. Roll up in strips
  3. Tear up padding beneath the carpet
  4. Remove tack strips (if they are in good condition keep them on the same place for new flooring)
  5. Clean up the floor


  • Get some tools ready like utility knife and crowbar to ease your work
  • Prepare a structured method for disposal after removing 

Service by experts

Although you have to pay for professional service, the work that is done can take away your headache of wasting time and handling the nuisance of disposal.


  • Reduce allergens in the air
  • Enjoy clean environment than smelly carpet
  • Safety from warping, tearing, and matting
  • Responsibility of eco-friendly disposal if professionals do the task.


  • Extra cost
  • Wasting time and increase in efforts( only if dome by yourself, not by professionals)