4 Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Minimalist Home

4 Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Minimalist Home
4 Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Minimalist Home

Arranging a minimalist home has its own challenges. Limited land and space make us have to rack our brains so that the house looks neat, looks spacious, and still attractive.
The choice of furniture is also an important factor when arranging a minimalist home. Wrong, the house looks cramped, messy, and cramped.

How to choose the right furniture for a minimalist home? According to the book ‘Arrangement Ideas: Simple Minimalist Small Home Interiors’, the choice and placement of furniture should be focused on functional considerations. Please visit this site if you are looking for information about business sfcarinsurance

For example, if you want to place a table or chair, you have to really consider whether the presence of the furniture is important in the room. If later only as a decorative element then you should reconsider whether to buy it or not.

Here are some factors to consider when arranging … Read More

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JCPenney Semi-Annual Home Sale features steep discounts on furniture, rugs, mattresses, bedding, linens, more through Aug. 7

velvet coverlet, JCPenney

This velvet coverlet is on sale in the JC Penney Semi-Annual Home Sale just in time for seasonal transitions. (Courtesy of JCPenney)

Update your bedroom and/or bathroom while the JC Penney Semi-Annual Home Sale is going on. You’ll get significant price breaks on furniture, mattresses, rugs, sheets, towels and more. You’ll find two different kinds of deals – deeply discounted “doorbusters,” as well as 50% off most home goods. Coupons reduce sale prices by 35% but are not valid on “doorbusters.” The sale runs now through Aug. 7.



Have this JCPenney bed shipped directly to your home. (Courtesy of JCPenney)

  • Rhyan Upholstered Bed ($294, originally $420) is a classic tufted headboard with matte chrome nail-head accents. It requires a box spring. See more beds and headboards on sale.
  • Serta Renewed Night Medium Pillowtop ($1,099, originally $2,550) has a cool-to-touch surface and exclusive, pressure-relieving HexCloud™ Gel Memory Foam. See other
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Material: 5 Environmentally Friendly Alternative Home Materials

Material- Having your own home is everyone’s dream. Many people aspire that one day they will build their own dream home. Unfortunately, there are many factors that need to be considered when building a house, starting from the model and design, foundation, location, plumbing, and electricity, as well as the materials used.

Nowadays, more and more people are aware of environmental issues so they are starting to think about their carbon footprint and switch to materials that are more environmentally friendly than conventional materials for the needs of building houses.

Although currently, alternative materials are not quite popular in Indonesia, here are some alternative materials that can be considered when building your dream home. Check out the following review, come on!

Cob (a mixture of sand, clay, and straw)

Cob is an ancient building material made from natural materials. The consistency consists of 35% sand, 35% clay and straw, … Read More

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What Is Stump Grinding?

You may have heard of a stump grinder, but are you aware of what is this service? Read on to find out more about stump grinding in Decaturville, TN, how much will it cost you, and the time required in grinding a stump.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding and stump removal are often synonymous, but they serve slightly different purposes. Firstly, removing a stump allows you to plant a new tree in its place. By grinding down the stump, you remove the roots and leave clean soil for the new tree. In addition, removing a stump preserves the sentimental value of an old tree while opening up your yard for new plant life. Secondly, stump grinding may leave behind roots, which can pose problems when planting new plants or installing yard fixtures.

If you’re putting up a permanent structure, then stump removal is the better option. A solid foundation … Read More

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2022’s Outdoor Furniture Trends Show The Continued Importance Exterior Spaces Will Have

Among the outdoor furniture trend predictions interior designers shared with TZR last year were a focus on year-round living, luxurious experiences, and multifunctional pieces. And since then, well, not much has changed. “Undoubtedly, the forced isolation of the pandemic caused a shift toward maximizing home comfort, particularly in underutilized outdoor spaces,” Scott Selzer, founder and GM of StruXure, tells TZR. “Cozier seating and outdoor kitchens were immediately on the uptick, but protecting that furniture and making those outdoor spaces usable year-round is more in demand than ever before.” In other words, many of 2022’s outdoor furniture trends have simply carried over from last year, reflecting the continued importance of exterior spaces. Fortunately, though, they seem to have had an infusion of creativity, sustainability, and a little more fun.

That makes sense — after all, in 2021, people were still in scramble mode to make their patios and backyards livable

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