Cleaning Your Concrete

Polished concrete is often a beautiful addition to any area of your home. It’s one of the latest trends with flooring options because of the options that are available and because it’s easy to maintain. There are a few techniques that you can use to keep the polished concrete in Oak Park IL that you install shining as bright as ever.

When you’re cleaning polished concrete inside your home, use a microfiber cloth so that it traps dirt and lint. This kind of cloth won’t scratch the surface like other materials. If you have concrete floors, you need to use a clean mop and clean water along with solutions that aren’t abrasive on the surface so that the concrete isn’t scratched. Floors that are in high traffic areas would benefit from being cleaned twice in order to remove as much dirt as possible. Cleaners that are used can be left for a few minutes on the floor so that they remove all of the dirt on the surface.

Since concrete is a bit more porous than other materials, you should try to clean spills as soon as you see them so a stain doesn’t form. As you begin cleaning one area of the concrete, you should thoroughly clean the section before moving to another. If you use a systematic approach to cleaning the floor or the counters if they are made with concrete, then you can ensure that the entire area gets cleaned. Avoid letting cleaning solutions dry on the surface. It will be harder to clean the surface once the solution settles and can sometimes stain the concrete. Citrus cleaners and those that have ammonia in them are not good options when cleaning concrete. A burnisher can be used on your floor if it looks like the surface is losing some of its shine.