Easy Ways to Fish with the Use of Light

For those of you who like fishing, surely if you get a lot of fish easily is certainly very fun. But sometimes the fish catch does not meet expectations, which may be a factor why fish don’t want to eat our bait. But now there is an easy way to get more fish with this one technology.

The tool is an artificial contractor that is operated in water by combining light patterns. LEDs are used to attract the attention of fish that like light at night. Fish that have gathered around the LED light, then can easily be caught with a fishing hook or using a net, that’s the function of fish lights

This can occur because the fish are phototaxic to light. At a certain depth, fish have physiologically known spectral characteristics to get food. Meanwhile, the spectral characteristics themselves are strongly influenced by several factors, including the color of light, darkness and bright light.

fishing night lights This technology uses a light emitting diode, a semiconductor circuit that can emit light when electricity flows. This technology is different from filaments that must be incandescent (burned) first in order to produce light. different from conventional lamps that produce heat, LED lights emit light from the flow of electricity, so the lights do not produce heat.
That is what makes LED so popular to use today because it does not produce heat like incandescent lamps made of metal halide. In the world of fisheries itself has now gained new innovation through integrated electronic light emitting diode (LED) design.

The design can produce a variety of color variations of the combined LED lights, namely white, blue, green and yellow LEDs. Armed with the help of artificial contractors, the fishermen can collect fish at night easily. The combination of these lights can attract fish to approach the color of the LED light. This tool itself is called an interactive waterproof light emitting diode fish

Examples of red and yellow light spectrums can attract squid and fish seeds. Blue for anchovy and flying fish. Green mixed with yellow for fishing shrimp. And the spectrum of Tosca for fishing for layur and mackerel.