How do Floor Polishing Machines work?

Floor polishing machines feature a design to scrub and polish the floors. These machines usually have rotary brushes that have soft materials that will clean your floor and give it a shiny look. These machines are also known as floor burnishers. These machines will work by injecting water that has a cleaning solution and then scrubbing the floor and lifting the residue off. Today, there are advancements in robotics; autonomous floor-scrubbing robots are available as well. For instance, you come across a high-speed floor buffer with a pad that rotates at over 1000 RPM. Somewhat resembling a large upright, wide-based vacuum cleaner with handlebar controls and requiring two-handed steering, a floor buffer uses one or more variable-speed circular rotary brushes to dislodge dirt and dust from flat surfaces. These floor polishing machines have a large, round scrubbing pad that is spun in one direction by a small motor that is usually powered by electricity. The motor is mounted directly over the center of the pad.  Larger powered floor polishing machines are deployed in institutions, hospitals, private offices, public offices, and public buildings. These floor polishing machines have wheels and swivels and are powered to allow the user to move easily and clean items and dirt that is stuck on floors.

How to Use a Floor Polishing machine.

  • First, lock the handle in an upright position and then lay the polisher back on a hard surface
  • The next step is to install the brush and then reposition the polisher machine upright. You will then plug it into a power source.
  • The third step is to lower the handle to your waist and then ensure that you lock it into place. Balance the machine on the brush and turn it on.
  • After the machine is on, start polishing the floor at the back of your wall and move back towards the center of your room
  • Lower the handle and then go to the left and lift the handle and go to the right.
  • You will then turn off the polishing machine when you are finished. Unplug it from the power source. Clean the brush and rewind the power cord and store the machine safely.

Benefits of using floor polishing machines

  • Fights and kills allergens; your floor will contain some allergens and germs. When you use floor polishing machines, you will remove and kills these forms of allergens and other particles and debris, such as food particles and food leftovers. Some of these cleaning solutions and liquids will contain chemicals that will fight and kill germs instantly.
  • Saves on effort   Cleaning polished floors is simple and effortless because they are resistant to stains and other forms of stubborn stains. Hence cleaning these surfaces is very easy as compared to unpolished floors.
  • Polishing machines are versatile.   Floor polishing machines are typically used on almost all types of floors. You will use them on concrete floors, hard floors, wooden surfaces with so much ease. These machines are ideal for use in homes, hospitals, hotels, industries, and many other areas with floors.
  • They are efficient compared to traditional cleaning methods.    Floor polishing machines are easy to use and operate and will remove even the most stubborn stains such as wax and solvents. Traditional methods for floor polishing are difficult to use.
  • Easy to use   Flor polishing machines are easy and effortless to use. You will just plug in the floor polishing machine into a power source and push it forward. Manual polishing or traditional methods are tiresome and tricky to use, especially on stained floors.
  • Durable- you can use these floor polishers over and over for years to come. This saves you money and energy you need for other projects

What to look for in a floor polisher

When you want to buy a floor polishing machine, you will have to consider some factors that will ensure that you have taken home the best machine. Below are some considerations to make.

  • Controls- Always make sure the controls on the polishing machine are not hard to use. Plus, foot controls make operating the machines easier
  • The speed    When you have 2, and 3 speeds are better than when the speed is 1. The higher the speed will help you get all the dirt off your floor better.
  • Brushes– for homes, the two-brush system is best. This help make sure you get every inch of your floors cleaned and polished
  • Cleaning path– 12 inches seems to be the best width for cleaning your home floors.
  • Water tank– When you have a bigger the better, it will ensure that way you do not have to refill as often
  • Motor– make sure it has enough amps and bronze gears. Each part works to make your cleaning time simple and easy

These machines work hard, so you do not have to. They have the power, the speeds, and the RPMs to make sure you have more time and energy to spend doing those activities you like. Using the best makes life a little simpler and less complicated

Best polishing machines for floor in 2020

  • Prolux Mirage Cordless Floor Cleaner
  • Amzdeal Spin Scrubber Electric
  • Koblenz P-820B
  • Garage Janitorial Industrial
  • Gloss Mini Floor Scrubber and Polisher
  • Koblenz P-1800
  • KBZP2500A- KOBLENZ P 2500
  • Clarke CFP Pro 17HD Polisher
  • Bissell Big Green


Floor polishing machines are some of the basic pieces of equipment that you should have in your house. When you polish your floor using these machines, they will become attractive and have a shiny appearance.  They are easy to use, and you will use less human effort when you use them to clean stain and other stubborn materials on the floor. These floor polishing machines are durable compared to traditional floor polishing machines. Another good thing about these machines is that they will even kill bacteria and harmful germs that are present on the floor.  Our review above has highlighted some of the best floor polishing machines, the consideration to make when buying one, also are the steps to follow when you want to use these floor polishing. Hope you will buy one if you don’t own one