How does Air conditioner work?

Air conditioners can be said to be air conditioners that have different functions with Air Conditioners.

The location of the difference is that the Air conditioner does not function to cool the room, but cools the room.

Unlike the AC using freon to act as “power” that can cool the room, while the Air conditioner uses “fuel” from water to cool the room.

In Indonesia itself, the popularity of the Air conditioner itself can be said to be still inferior to fans and air conditioners. If you want to know about how the Air conditioner works, keep reading our article reviews below!

How Air conditioners Work

Air conditioner is a box-shaped device containing a fan, a pump and a water or ice container. The way the Air conditioner works is actually quite simple.

Initially, ice cubes or ice are put in the cooler, then the air in the room is sucked in and then channeled through the ice or cold water. For more details, let’s look at the reviews below:

1. How the Air conditioner Works as a Fan

The Air conditioner has 2 functions, one of which can be used as a cooler in the room or as a fan. The two functions have different ways of working.

So that you don’t get confused, here’s how to use the Air conditioner if you use it as a fan:

First of all, first connect the air conditioner to the electrical connection. This is done if the type of Air conditioner you have uses electrical power and not batteries. Then press Power on the Air conditioner device.

Setting the fan speed on the Air conditioner via the “Speed” button.

In addition, you can also determine the direction of the wind using the “Swing” button (Wind Direction).

Then select “Timer” if you want to determine when your Air conditioner device turns off automatically.

Then the “Mode” button to select the mode you want.

If you do not fill the water tank and then select the “Cooling” button, then the Air conditioner will operate like a fan in general.

Even so, the air released by the Air conditioner using fan mode is enough to provide coolness.

2. How the Air conditioner Works to Cool the Room

If someone buys an Air conditioner device, you certainly want an air conditioner just like an Evaporative Air Conditioner . Here, we will show you how to use an Air conditioner just like an AC.

But first, you have to freeze the ice pack first when you buy an Air conditioner device. In addition, make sure the ice pack is frozen so that the performance of the Air conditioner is more optimal.

If the ice pack has been frozen in the freezer or refrigerator, you should follow the instructions on how to use the Air conditioner below:

Make sure the Air conditioner is off. We recommend that you unplug the power from the Air conditioner.

Open the bottom Air conditioner drawer, because in that place there is a water tank that acts as fuel for the Air conditioner device.

Then fill the tank with clean water to a predetermined limit. Then put 1 frozen ice pack into the water tank.

Then enter the bottom Air conditioner drawer again slowly so that the water doesn’t spill

Then reconnect the Air conditioner to the power source, and press Power then continue by pressing “Cooling”.

Air conditioners will usually work by blowing cold air like an air conditioner. However, if frozen ice packs and water are not provided, then this tool will only operate like a fan in general.

Frozen ice packs are needed to make the air produced in the Air conditioner cool like the use of indoor air conditioners.

We recommend checking the availability of water in the Air conditioner every 4 to 5 hours. When the ice pack has melted, replace it with a new frozen ice back.

You need to know that there are some brands that give as much as 3-4 ice packs when buying a new Air conditioner.

How Air conditioners Work?

In the Air conditioner, hot air will be sucked in through the back of the unit using a fan. Then the hot air is directly in contact with the water in the cooling medium. So that the hot air will absorb every particle of water.

The number of water particles that have been absorbed by the Air conditioner itself depends on the content of water particles or air humidity. From here occurs what is called air cooling through evaporation or evaporative cooling.

In this process, there is a change of state from water molecules to gas molecules. In addition to changes in form, there will also be an exchange of energy. Where the heat energy in the air is used as fuel by water particles until it turns into gas particles.

Therefore, the hot air temperature will decrease, while the air temperature from the Air conditioner will be cool.

This is the process that the Air conditioner uses to cool the room. As the other name implies, namely Swamp Cooler or Evaporative Air conditioner, it is clear that the evaporation process is the main axis of the Air conditioner air conditioning process as well as the car.

a work.

Actually this kind of cooling process often happens around us. Like, when you are swimming, then when you get out of the pool, you will feel that your body is cooler if the wind blows, this is different if you are exposed to the wind when the body is dry.

That is an example of the application of air cooling through evaporation, such as the working principle of the Air conditioner. While another example is when sweat is blown by the wind, then you will feel cool.

What Causes Air conditioner Not Cold?

1. Dirty Unit Inside

The reason the Air conditioner unit is not cold is that the inside of the unit is dirty. You should clean the interior unit regularly. In addition, also clean the filter on the Air conditioner regularly so that there is no buildup of dirt that can hinder the performance of the Air conditioner.

2. Ice Pack Melts or the Water in the Tank Runs Out

When using the Air conditioner, you need to check the inner water tank regularly.

This is done to determine whether the ice pack is still frozen or there is still water in the tank. If the ice pack has melted and the water has run out in the tank, the unit will function the same as a fan in general.

3. Wrong Placement

How to place the Air conditioner also plays an important role in optimizing the unit’s performance. If you want the Air conditioner unit to produce cool air, place it in a room with good air circulation.

Putting the Air conditioner in a closed room with no ventilation only makes the air from the Air conditioner smell musty and fishy.