How To Keep Household Insects At Bay

Almost everyone wishes to live in a clean and well-organized home. A well-kept home is not only aesthetically appealing but also keeps bugs and insects at bay. Unwanted insects (especially flies and cockroaches) find clean homes unappealing hence seek shelter elsewhere. Many of us however struggle to keep our homes clean, one of the reasons we often have to deal with pest/insect infestation.  Here are a few tips and ideas on how to keep your home clean and free of these annoying bugs. 

  1. Wipe Clean All the Hard-To-Reach Surfaces

The first step to keeping away from your home is by making food unavailable for them. This means cleaning all surfaces and wiping off food from hard to reach surfaces. Even the tiniest of breadcrumbs on the refrigerator, stove, entertainment center, and the couch is enough to attract insects far and wide. That said, make an effort to clean all those hard to reach areas the same way you do with tables and kitchen surfaces. You can do this during the weekend or when you have enough time on your hands. 

  1. Ensure the Garage Is Clean All the Time

The garage is one of the most neglected areas in a home. In addition to keeping your car, bikes, and gardening equipment safe, a dirty garage can be a safe haven for most pests and insects. With lots of crooks and crannies to hide, dozens of pests could be hiding in your garage and go unnoticed for months. Nonetheless, making it a habit to clean the garage every once in a while, and letting the sunshine in, can help keep the bugs away. 

  1. Clean Spilled Foods Immediately

Food spills are some of the biggest attractions for pests and bugs. This is particularly so with sweet-scented vegetables and fruits, as well as peanut butter and honey. Make a point to wipe the spilt foods clean as soon as possible.  It would also be advisable to wipe clean the kitchen surfaces immediately after preparing meals. Be sure to discard any rotten fruit and foods that have gone bad. 

All foods such as pasta, granola, flour, and everything else in the pantry should be kept in airtight containers as well. This reduces the risk of these foods going bad, and keeps starves any insects in the house. 

  1. Ensure There Are No Openings and Crevices Around the House

Make it hard/impossible for these insects to find their way into your house. Inspect the house to see if there are holes in the walls, broken glass, gaps in window frames and doors, and have the sealed completely.

  1. CallĀ AIPM in Simi Valley

If none of the efforts to keep these pests away seems to work, it might then be time to call the experts. The pest control specialist will first inspect your home and yard for insects and pests, then exterminate them using the best method possible. Hiring an expert pest control expert will help keep your home pest-free while saving you lots of time and resources.