How to Save on Home Insurance Premiums

Having the opportunity to own a home is a milestone achievement for many. This is because it is a costly affair obtaining a block of land and besides erecting a home. It might cost you quite some bucks to have a home standing. As if that is not enough, equipping a home costs much more, especially those who envy aesthetic furniture and fittings in their homes. The whole package runs up to a few million.

Since home insurance is a great way to protect your home and belongings for unexpected risks like burglar, fires and more, we are left with no choice but to have them insured. Not only insured but with the right policy that caters to all your home requirements. Choosing the right policy can be a daunting task if you choose to do it single-handed but a piece of cake if you allow an independent insurance agent to hold your hands while shopping around for the best deals and the best coverage. 

Here are some of the key items that you need to be covered in a home premium policy:

Remember your insurance policy should protect your property structure and all of its contents against loss, theft, and damages caused by flooding, fire outbreaks, tsunami, storm, water subsidence and escaped water. This premium will allow you to claim repairs, replacement cost for the following:

  • Furniture such as sofas, chairs, glass tables, beds, wardrobes, and fixed furniture
  • Gadgets like TVs, radios, tablets, Smartphone, game consoles, cameras and more
  • Refrigerators and other vital home electronics that bear the huge cost when purchasing.
  • Expensive homewares like microwaves, kettle toasters, pots and pans among others.
  • DVD’s, CDs, Home theatres, games, books and vinyl recordings
  • Garden contents like sheds, fences flower gardens, drains, pipes and underground cables.
  • Repair of glass doors and windows due to vandalism and burglar intrusion.
  • The cost of rebuilding a home in cases where outbreaks cause serious damages to the house that it requires an overhaul.

Adds-on Home premiums

For every deal you obtain about home insurance, there are extras and take away for those who pay a little bit more protection from the coverage. Things like legal protection which covers almost any legal expense ensuing from owning a home. From conveyance, inheritance, probate, and issues arising from neighbors or tradesmen or land and home dealers, you will be covered. A home emergency is an aspect that insurance policy is keen on as well as the homeowner. Emergencies are hard to tell and this is where you urgently need protection. While away from home, there is a standard premium that will protect your home in case of damages, theft, and losses. For gardens, there is no standard premium that covers it apart from let’s say, outdoor furniture, sheds, car garage, and fencing. 

Before a monthly premium is determined on the policy products you choose to pay for, evaluation and valuation of your property need to be taken so that all the details are captured under the contract, for it to be easy to claim in case the worst happens.