J&V Italian Design

Italian Design is a young firm created by young Italians with the aim of creating the essence of Italian-made products known around the globe. In contrast to the theoretical method of the Bauhaus faculty in Germany or the advertising- and profit-oriented design idea in the USA, the Italian design lived above all on its experimentation, the improvisational ability of small craft enterprises and the previous cultural tradition, which was hardly able to separate beauty and performance from one another.

The course of Industrial Design for the training of the designer of business objects, designers are in a position to ponder the useful, bodily, technical, aesthetic and formal communicative characteristics leading to the qualitative features of an industrial object in relation to its use in addition to the technological and production potentialities.

One can not speak about Italy design with out mentioning Italian fashion designers. In 2003, Stone Creek met representatives of Omnia—a manufacturer of leather furnishings—at a California commerce show. Barnaba Fornasetti — the son of legendary 20th-century designer Piero Fornasetti — has filled his 19th-century Milan villa with iconic pieces from the Fornasetti archives.Italian Design

Enjoy your visit at the most attention-grabbing Italian Design headquarters. The exhibition confirmed mainstream and anti-design, elegance and experimentation, classics and provocations, epitomizing the tolerance and openness that characterizes Italian design furniture to at the present time.Italian Design

A thread runs between the everyday Italian residence and the trattoria, says Alberto Bassi, creator of Nameless Design in Italy. Along with furnishings design, Italy has additionally set tendencies for industrial design with first protype of the light Luminator Bernocchi in 1928.Italian Design