Maintenance phase of the air conditioner properly

The maintenance and repair stage of the air conditioner properly
Maintenance of air conditioner is certainly necessary to prevent problems that will arise in the ac unit. AC Maintenance absolutely must be done so that the service life is relatively more durable. For that, make notes or a schedule as a whole, the air conditioning procedure itself aims to extend its service life. Controlling electricity consumption according to power consumption standards, avoiding further damage, maximizing AC performance, and maintaining the cleanliness of the room air due to dust stuck to the AC unit.
Basically, air conditioning maintenance is calculated based on how long it operates. Usually, for standard use, the AC is operated for about 10 hours of use. For more than 20 hours of use, it is recommended that the AC maintenance schedule be carried out earlier or shorter than standard usage.

Initial Check
The initial checking steps should be carried out as follows:

  1. Turn on the air conditioner, wait about 15 minutes.
  2. Check and measure the temperature of the air entering and leaving the indoor, refrigerant pressure, the amperage of the compressor, the remote control function, the fan rotation (out-door), and the blower rotation (indoor).
  3. Make a note of the measurement results and check the points above. It must be remembered that is made to function as a service handle that is ready to do. At least, these records can be used to compare conditions before and after AC Repair.
  4. Turn off the AC or AC mains socket.

Preparation Cleaning (cleaning)
Cleaning Preparation Steps That Must Be Done As Follows:

  1. Get service equipment ready. As much as possible, try to move other items that are right below the indoor area, especially electronics.
  2. Open the casing and indoor filter. Then, place it in a safe place to avoid the risk of being damaged or broken due to some cause, such as falling or even being stepped on.
  3. Cover the indoor using protective plastic and use a bucket to collect water when cleaning or washing.
  4. Also protect the indoor electronic PCB using plastic or dry cloth so that it is free from splashing water.
  5. Make sure everything is neatly closed and safe from splashing water when spraying.
    Outdoor Parts Cleaning

Make sure no water gets into the terminal or outdoor electrical sockets. The steps to prepare for outdoor washing that must be prepared are as follows.

  1. If necessary, open the fan cover (outdoor) using a screwdriver. then, clean it with a steam engine.
  2. Wash the outdoor casing using a steam pump.
  3. Clean the condenser pipe grille from the back to the front. Do it repeatedly until it is completely clean. Please note, when spraying does not get into the terminal or outdoor electrical sockets.
  4. When it is clean, replace the cover. Next, wash the outdoor surface using a dry cloth.
    Final check
    Check the state of the terminals, sockets, and circuit breakers (MCB and socket) using a Tespen screwdriver, normal or abnormal. Don’t forget to also check the tightness of the bolts and nuts. If it is loose, secure it with a spanner or screwdriver. Plugin the power outlet that connects to the AC and turns on the AC. Repeat the AC remote control maintenance procedure (swing, fan speed, and temperature).