The Main Causes of Divorce in Oklahoma

The conflict that is not resolved properly can be a trigger. A strong commitment is needed from husband and wife to continue to have a lasting and faithful marriage relationship. However, every partner does not always have happy moments. There are times when there are feuds, fights, or differences of opinion between husband and wife. If not resolved properly, it can trigger emotions that lead to husband or wife suing for divorce. Oklahoma Child Support Calculator in divorce is seen as important to guarantee and protect children and their rights to live, grow, develop by human dignity and protection from violence and discrimination. Child protection law in the event of a divorced parent is closely related to the authority of the parent even though the marriage has been broken because of divorce. Divorce committed by a husband and wife has consequences for the child.
Main Causes of Divorce According to Research
Certain things trigger the causes of divorce in married couples, and this has also been revealed by studies in journals.

  1. Lack of Commitment
    The study, mentioned the main factor causing divorce is a lack of commitment. Some participants reported that commitment in their relationship gradually eroded until there was not enough commitment to maintaining the relationship. Meanwhile, other individuals reported a more drastic reduction in commitment in response to negative events, such as cheating.
  2. Cheating or Unfaithful
    The next most chosen cause of divorce is infidelity or infidelity. Overall, infidelity has often been cited as a critical turning point in a deteriorating marital relationship. For some people, infidelity is the main reason a marriage ends, and for others, it is a contributor to divorce along with bad conflicts, incompatibility, and substance abuse.
  3. Bad Conflict and Quarrel
    Too much conflict and fighting in the relationship is the cause of divorce. Basically, arguments are triggered by conflicts that are generally not resolved calmly or effectively. Besides, there are communication problems that sometimes seem to go hand in hand with the loss of feelings of positive connection and mutual support between partners.
  4. Married Too Young
    Another factor that causes divorce is getting married too young. Participants who supported this causative factor were 23 years old at the time of marriage, and participants who did not support this cause were married at a mean age of 29-30 years.
    Some participants reported that they only knew their partners for a short time before getting married. Also, they wish they could date their partners for longer so they can get a better perspective on the relationship, or make more rational decisions about who to marry. Additional comments on the causes of the divorce included reports that the participants were too young to make objective, informed decisions about the decision to marry.
  5. There are financial problems
    Financial problems are cited as the main cause of divorce. However, several other couples consider that financial problems are a contributor to triggering divorce, by increasing stress levels and tension in relationships. Many things can trigger a divorce. However, it is the duty of Moms and Dads as husband and wife, as well as mother and child, to resolve the conflicts that are being faced, to foster harmonious household relationships.