Tips on finding the right garden landscaping contractor

Have you just purchased a newly built home? Do you need the help of a landscaper? Maybe you want to renovate your existing garden or just change a few things around? Regardless of your situation, you’ll need to find the best garden landscaping contractor for the job. 

This means that you want someone who is experienced in the type of gardening and landscaping you need. So if you want retaining walls built, you need a contractor who regularly builds retaining walls. If you want a rose garden established, then you need someone who knows about setting up garden beds; if you want a large water feature, you need someone experienced in water features, and so on. 

However, if you have no idea where to start looking for the perfect garden landscaping contractor, here’s three tips to help you get started.

  1. Decide on a design brief

It’s always best to have some idea of your garden’s new design, before looking for contractors. Landscapers can create designs for you, but only you know how you will use your garden. Do you want a veggie garden, children’s play area, garden paths, swimming pool, water feature, or lots of usable lawn space? Look for inspiration in magazines or online, and bundle this information together to create a design brief for your garden landscaping contractor. With a brief, they can give you a reliable quote.

  1. Search for local garden landscaping firms

Ask around your social network for recommendations. Amongst your friends, neighbours and relatives, one of them might have engaged a landscaper and are happy to give you their contact details. You can also search online for landscapers in your local area, and check out their websites and client galleries. Try and whittle your list down to your top 3 companies, contact them and tell them what you want. They should make an appointment to meet you on-site to discuss your needs

  1. It’s not always about the costs

Some homeowners always pick the cheapest quotes, but they often pay the price! Costs will likely be a factor in your decision, but there are other considerations that can be just as important. These include the garden landscaping contractor’s experience and qualifications, insurance cover, and whether they are licenced builders. Their qualifications should be on their website, but you can certainly ask them this question. You can also ask for references of recent gardens or similar landscaping designs they have completed. Insurance is a huge issue, because if they don’t have Worker’s Compensation and one of their employees is injured on the job, you can expect to pay their medical bills, etc. They also need Public Liability, because you’ll have to pay for any damages that happen on your or your neighbours land. Lastly, if you need external structures built, they will likely need a building licence if the value is above a certain dollar ceiling. So, whilst cost is a component of your final decision, it’s not always the most important element.

In the end, you should always pick a garden landscaping contractor who you trust to do a great job!